The Glorieta Baldy Lookout Tower, in Santa Fe National Forest near La Cueva, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, was built in 1940.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.. map and photos only References Baldy Fire Lookout. Libby Ranger District 12557 Hwy 37 Libby, MT 59923 (406)293-3533: 6. The tower is not currently active for firewatching. Built in 1956, the lookout tower offers panoramic views of the southern Palouse , the St. Maries District to the north, and occasional visits from … Ben Goldfarb, ... A spectacular sunset at the Big Creek Baldy tower is an appealing part of an overnight here. Big Creek Baldy Lookout sits atop its namesake mountain at an elevation of 5,780 feet in the Kootenai National Forest. Courtesy Ben A. Goldfarb. There is a small bald area near the turnaround, along with a few picnic tables in the trees around it. Historical Weather. Mile 0.4 – At the summit of Cowee Bald you’ll pass by a large complex of communication towers on the left.. Mile 0.55 – The gravel road continues past the communication towers ending in a field in front of the Cowee Bald lookout tower.The tower was built in 1933 and remains in good condition, but the top cab is normally locked. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. Things You Should Know Before You Rent a Fire Lookout Tower. Keep riving north until you reach a Y in the road. The Glorieta Baldy Fire Lookout is a steel tower with a 14' by 14' wooden cab at the top. Many lookouts are only accessible via primitive roads, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully to see if four-wheel drive or a … Gem Peak Lookout: 15 miles southwest of Trout Creek: 4/$35 . The type used by the military during World War Two and sold as surplus property in the late 1940's. 1924: A new lookout tower was constructed with a cab on top. and travel about 5 km until you reach a closed gate. Also on the Santa Fe National Forest, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Glorieta Baldy Lookout is one of the best examples of an Aermotor MC-24 tower remaining. Lookout towers are often in remote areas, so you may have to park and hike in. The tower, which was built in 1940, sits on the top of Glorieta Baldy peak at an elevation of 10,199 feet. 1948: A 30-foot high K-brace steel tower with a 14x14 cab, Aermotor MI-25. Wayah Bald Lookout Tower is about 45 minutes from Franklin North Carolina. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. The top of Wayah Bald is a nice area with great views even before you get to the tower. Gem Peak Lookout Tower. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is PRIEST RIVER EXP which is approximately 20 miles away and has an elevation of 2,380 feet (3,785 feet lower than North Baldy Lookout Tower). Big Creek Baldy Lookout Tower: 20 miles north of Libby: 4/$35: 6/1-10/1: Access depends on weather conditions. The lookout room is perched on top a 50 foot tower, and offers a table and chairs, cots, propane stove, heater and refrigerator. 7/1-10/15 Nordegg Area. Stay to your right on Baldy Tower Rd. In 1914 a permanent lookout was stationed in a tent and a 45' pole tower with a platform was erected. Rent a fire lookout tower for $40 a night. Primitive road conditions. Mt. Discourage bringing children. Time: 2 hours Distance: 6 km (return) Elevation Gain: 400 m How To Get There: Travelling west from Red Deer on Highway 11, turn north at Shunda Creek Rd., just past the main Nordegg entrance. It is an R-3 live-in 14’x14’ wooden cab with out catwalk.

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