The Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan
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Following are some of the for-credit, academic classes and courses of study available to students enrolled at St. Ambrose University:

Theology 141: Ambrose of Milan

St. Ambrose of Milan, our patron saint, is the great paragon of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the Liberal Arts. He was a theologian, orator, diplomat, administrator, interpreter, composer, writer, and designer. He stood up to five emperors, one tyrant, and numberous errors; he gave his vast wealth to the church and the church's wealth to the poor. In this class we examine the man, the church, the times, and explore ways that his influence can still be felt, or his teachings tapped, in order to make better sense of our lives, our culture, our university, our society, our Church and our God.

Theology 344: Rome and Christianity

Requires international travel. Consists of an interpretive exploration of the city of Rome and other sites of interest in Italy with an eye toward understanding the theological development of Christianity particularly in its sacraments, liturgy, martyrology, and doctrinal hierarchy. Course notes and readings supplement the city's museums, galleries, archaeological sites and public monuments as the primary educational tools. Pre-requisite: a 100 level course in theology.

Classics Minor

The Classical Studies Minor at St. Ambrose University allows students with an interest in the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome to pursue extended study of various aspects of those cultures and gain an appreciation of the relevance of classical culture to their own lives. The minor supports various majors including History, Philosophy, Theology, and Political Science. 21 credits including CSM 101, Latin through 202 and 6 credits in related courses.