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International Study Awards



David and Kandace Asmus Award


ASSAM is proud and humbled to announce the creation of an endowed scholarship which will allow a student with financial need to study abroad in Italy.  The course is Theology 341: “Rome & Christianity.”   It is a 3 credit course which fulfills a General Education requirement. The  Asmus Award provides a $3500 scholarship. 


Eligible applicants will complete an essay and submit it to the Directors of the Academy for the Study of St. Ambrose of Milan for evaluation.  Application deadline is April 15 (coinciding with the deadline for applying for the Study Abroad course) and notification will be made by April 24th.



ASSAM will offer up to five partial awards for students with financial need.  Maximum award is $1,000.  These students will serve as interns for the academic year in which they are studying abroad.  Internship positions include:  Coordinator of Social Media, Event Coordinator, and “Busy Bee” interns who will serve under the coordinators.


Please consider making a donation to provide St. Ambrose University undergraduate scholars with the opportunity to study in "Ambrose's Italy" through our course or long-term internship in Milan.

Don't let financial constraints prohibit our best and brightest from having the sort of experience that will enrich their own lives and the lives of others.