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Saint Ambrose scarf
The Academy for the Study of St. Ambrose of Milan is offering a commemorative Saint Ambrose scarf just in time for Spring.
Proceeds of the sales of the scarf go to support our students and international scholars who are studying our Patron Saint.
Scarves may be purchased at $20.00, plus $5 shipping (USA only), by contacting Fr. Bud Grant at

The sub-text, "fons luminis" is  from Ambrose's hymn to the morning: "Splendor Paternae Gloriae."  Translated as "font of learning," it is perfect for everyone with an Ambrosian education.

 President's Club:

Current students and recent graduates (less than 2 years out) receive a $5.00 discount.  By the way, we urge you to consider joining the President's Club at the reduced rate of $250 (0-5 years out) or 500 (5-10 years out).  You may even opt to have your donation to the President's Club earmarked for the Academy if you like.
This may be a cliche, but numbers are limited! 


Ambrogio di Milano Art
A limited edition medallion designed by Donna Young '82, owner and lead sculptor of Isabel Bloom, features Saint Ambrose of Milan holding a book and Christ the King Chapel. Only 300 are available and all are signed by the artist. Cost for each medallion is $200, with all proceeds benefitting the Academy. They are available for purchase in the St. Ambrose University Bookstore.

Donna created a very Ambrosian Ambrose for us.  The image is based on the V century mosaic of the ceil d'oro chapel in Milan.  The font used is the Trajan font, made famous by SAU's Fr. Ed Catish (under whom Donna studied).  The chapel in his hand--a very common image in religious iconography--is our own Christ the King Chapel.  The bees are our mascot, the mitre and crozier show us that Ambrose was a bishop.


THE ST. AMBROSE PRIMER by Rev. Fr. Bud Grant, Ph.D '80. 1st Edition. Signed by author.

Composed in a series of heavily illustrated and brief narratives, this text is our invitation to you to get to know St. Ambrose of Milan better. Tables, photos, map, annotated bibliography, and "obituary" and even a "letter of reference" for Ambrose enhance the reader's experience. Written by our Director, designed by a board member, edited by our Coordinator, and illustrations by faculty, student and alumni participants in our international studies initiatives, this elegant little book is a collaboration of Ambrosians on Ambrose. Contact Fr. Bud Grant for ordering information.



Designed by graphic designer and Ambrose alum, Christopher Mandle '04, '06, this print features a collage of elements from the work of Fr. Edward Catich. Print includes the slogan Fons Luminis, which means center of light, or center of learning. Sizes available: 1'x1' or 2'x2'. Printed on museum quality acid free paper. Contact Fr. Bud Grant for ordering information.


Bereskin Print:

Patricia Bereskin (whose husband Greg is an Econ. prof. at SAU) is a well known local artist.  She created this image to capture several facets of Ambrose.  The honeycomb in the halo and the bees remind us of SAU and, of course, the story of his infancy.  Together with the single raised finger they also symbolize the Trinity (One God, Three Persons) about which Ambrose wrote.  The quill and book remind us that Ambrose was a scholar--the first Father of the Church.

The straw weave around the halo and simple garment remind us that, while Ambrose was a patrician, he lived and served humbly and simply.
The portrait is based on a former art student (and now an artist in his own right) in whom Patricia saw a striking resemblance to Ambrose of Milan.  This is very much what we think Ambrose would have looked like.