The Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan
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Fons Luminis: Online Journal

Fons Luminis


An Online Journal of Undergraduate Research on Saint Ambrose of Milan


Table of Contents
(click on a title below to read the student's paper)

"To Fight or Not to Fight," by Kyle Feller

"Ambrose and the Widow," by Jenny Hartman

"Theodosius and the Relationship Between Church and State," by Jaimie Joosten

"The Ambrosian Virgin," by Kelsey Lehman

"Lives and Religion of Justina, Galla Placidia and Pulcheria," by Stacy Pauli

"Ambrose and Jefferson: Epistulists on the Relationship Between Church and State," by Samuel Payne

"How Can Rome be Rome if Rome is Not Pagan?," by Sasha Peterson

"Bridging the Gap: Paganism and Christianity," by Ashley Quade

"Who Won, Rome or Christianity?," by Jake Schertz

"What It Means to be Virtuous," by Alyssa Stark