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Fr. Bud Grant

Fr. Bud Grant, Ph.D. became the Director of the Academy for the Study of St. Ambrose of Milan upon its inception in 2010.  He is a Professor of Theology at St. Ambrose University specializing in Environmental Theology and Historical Theology.  He has been at the university since 1995.  He degrees from St. Ambrose (then) College, 1980, the Pontifical Gregorian University (1984), Creighton University (1997), and the University of Iowa (1999).  His published works include among others: A Case Study in Thomistic Environmental Ethics: The Ecological Crisis in the Loess Hills of Iowa; translator of Cesare Pasini’s Ambrose of Milan: Deeds and Thoughts of a Bishop; several articles for the Studia Ambrosiana; and a regular environmental OPED series for the Catholic Messenger.  He lectures regionally on environmental theology.

Fr. Bud lives on an acreage with horses, sheep, poultry, cats and a dog.  He is also the Sacramental Minister of St. Andrew Parish, Bluegrass, Iowa.  He enjoys hiking, writing novels no one will ever read, and prairie restoration projects in his spare time.


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