The Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan
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Dr. Ethan Gannaway, Ph.D.

Dr. Ethan Gannaway, Ph.D., has an M.A. in Classical Archaeology from the University of Minnesota, an M.A. in Classical Languages and a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology and Art History from the University of Missouri.  His research interests focus generally on late antique art and viewer reception, though increasingly on Ambrose's audience.  His primary research topics include Ambrose's use of precepts to instruct his audience and his use of visual imagery and understanding of perception in relation to art and architecture of the period.  Among many side projects, Dr. Gannaway studies the artistic depiction of Ambrose, especially in America, and is developing an interactive exhibition, "The Age of Ambrose."  In addition, he teaches Classical Mythology, History of Art I, Classical Europe, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Early Christian and the Medieval West, and Latin 1-3, and with Fr. Robert "Bud" Grant, Ph.D. regularly leads on a winterim study abroad course, Rome and Christianity.