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Spring 2017 Colloquium

Spring 2017 Colloquium

2017 Colloquium, March 28th 3:30PM, Louis Board Room, Ambrose Hall: "Would Ambrose Have Recognized Shakespeare's Milan?" created in coordination with the campus theme this year: Shakespeare @ 400.

Students will present a multi-sensual experience contrasting the Milan of Ambrose with that of Shakespeare’s age…

Would Ambrose Recognize Shakespeare’s Milan?

A comparison in five senses…


Michael Christoforo:  Shakespeare’s Milan: What did he know?

Samantha Darr: Ambrose’s Milan: What remains?

Samantha Darr & David Drysdale: How did the IV* Roman patrician class dress?

David Drysdale, Abby Hammer& Mary Alice Oswalt: what foods would both Shakespeare’s characters and Ambrose have enjoyed?  What aromas did Ambrose and Shakespeare speak about?  What was the music of each age?