The Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan
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ANNOUNCING:  “Ambrose and Community” an ASSAM/VBA collaboration.

One Conference, Two Continents, Six Days.  SAU hosts the first leg of this international event on April 6-8, 2018.  Our keynote speakers will include Dr. Rita Lizzi, University of Perugia and Dr. J. Warren Smith, whose work on Ambrose is one of the most referenced sources for English-language scholars writing about Late Antiquity. 


ASSAM/VBA on the Web:  in collaboration with Mandle Design, Inc. we are launching a new interactive web platform which will facilitate scholarship in the English language through access to the vast resources of the VBA and through the administration of ASSAM.  It will make possible grater collaboration, virtual conferences, and supporting a new generation of scholars all around the world.  Our goal is to have this space inaugurated in concert with the 2018 conference.


Travel to Italy with the St. Ambrose Alumni Tour

Check the Alumni website for details or contact Bobby Harris at 563/333-6290 in the Alumni Office to express your interest.


Make a Gift
Consider gathering a group of friends together and making a pledge, which can span over a number of years, toward the Academy's endowment. Monies raised will go toward programs and research promoted by the Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan, as well as to support students wishing to study abroad and to engage in research at the Academia in Milan.
To make a gift, contact Anne Gannaway, Director of Alumni Relations, at 563/333-6283.