Dates to the mid to late 19th century, ca. Toned, light pitted, steel-gray surfaces with scattered discoloration and some expected fine surface-pitting. Royal Cypher with scroll accents. 1580-1620; and of German typical form with two (2) hinged, side-mounted, locking ear-defenses: the borders with wire edges, en suite with the bowl and brims. Fagan Arms Dealer of fine antique arms and armour from all periods. Rolled borders with fine contours: the upper loops with piercings for a suspension cord and the interior surfaces with an untouched age-patina: some expected light patches of discoloration. A very nice, example of an Early 17th Century German/Eastern European (Hungarian/Polish) Battle-Axe, ca. Overall length 20". Martin Merks Antique Arms and Armor. Buff-colored interior liner with matching hand-stitching, untouched and age-stained surfaces and some isolated patches of discoloration and wear. 1200s-1300s. Long straight quillons with turned ball type finials, en suite. 1790, Historic Identified WWII Painted Leather A-2 Bomber Jacket Display, Magnificent Jeweled Medici Dagger, ca. A FINE 30 YEARS WAR PERIOD/EARLY 17th CENTURY GERMAN TOTENKOPF “DEATH’S-HEAD” CLOSED-HELMET, ca. A very fine and rare example of an original Revolutionary War Period German/Hessian Officer’s Spontoon, ca. Condition with generally smooth steel surfaces with a dull pewter-gray patina. condition with a dark smooth age patina. A 16TH CENTURY CUFF TO A GAUNTLET, ca. 85% and varnish/finish. My customers will receive the same service I myself have come to expect during my more than twenty years as a collector – a true representation and detailed … Thank you for visiting our site. The hand-forged, 28 1/4" (l) x 5" (w) steel blade of classic 17th century European design, with a forge-welded, rearward pointing, 3" fluke, two (2) diamond shaped points, at its base and a large, flat, fascine-knife-shaped cutting-blade. In overall fine condition. Antiques Arms and Armor is your place for WWI (World War One) and WWII (World War two) Military Collectables and Antiques. The crown pf the bowl with a defined crest and a tight medial lap-seam. Optics & Instruments 2 items. In overall fine condition with much (90%) polished finish. The auction starts with suits of armour and rare helmets. Pillow-type pommel-cap with matching brass surfaces, en suite with the guard. Finely sculpted and finished wrist with rope-turned borders/cuff. Collection and purported to have been discovered, ca. We have a hard-earned reputation for handling the rarest and highest-quality pieces of antique Arms and Armour and have helped to build superb private and institutional collections. The body of early type construction with a heavy and wide blacksmith made blade with a single cutting edge and two forge-welded sockets for the haft (missing). 1890-1900. 1650. A FINE EARLY COLONIAL PERIOD FRENCH MILITARY PARTISAN, ca. 1910: In overall fine condition and constructed of heavy-gauge roll-pressed steel with roll-turned borders. 1550: In overall very good lightly cleaned condition. 1600. Black-painted interior steel surfaces with dark rust-stained highlights and scattered pitting. The interior with a dark and oxidized age patina with some pitting and rusting. 1450-1600. Overall length, 9". 1580. Of two piece construction with a 11" high body with an 11 1/4" a wide brim with simply rolled edges. A VERY GOOD VICTORIAN PERIOD PIERCED-STEEL BEVOR (FACE-DEFENSE) TO A CLOSED-HELMET, ca. In overall very good generally untouched condition with choice gunmetal-gray surfaces with light scattered patches of discoloration and wear. 1900-1920) Copy of a late 16th Century German Bevor. Overall length, 23". For similar examples, please see: R. H. Brown’s: “American Polearms 1526-1865”, pg. The inner surface with lightly forge-roughened, untouched, steel surfaces and a deeply toned russet age-patina with traces of old blackened finish. 1580. haft/handle with a matching untouched age-patina, sharp contours and expected signs of use and age. Of very fine quality with Hand-carved contours with near perfect symmetry without cracks or fissures. So whether you collect merely for fun or view it also as an investment, please come to when thinking about adding to or starting your collection! Replaced, faceted, hardwood handle/haft with nicely "aged" dark surfaces: hammered-copper fasteners/rivets. Of good quality Victorian Period manufacture; and made of heavy-gauge, cold-hammered steel with fully articulated lames, its leather securing-strap and a nicely slot-pierced grill with riveted borders. Of very good quality Victorian Era Armourer’s Grade make and a well-made reproduction of the Norman “Spangenhelm” (Banded Helmet) of, ca. Brass mounted hilt of German mid-17th Century Germanic Style with curved quillons with rope decorated finials. Of very good quality and a nice example of 17th Century, European Riveted, chain-mail ***For similar examples, please see G. C. Stone's: "A Glossary of the Construction Use & Decoration of Arms...". 1, pg. A classic example of a Colonial American Period (Spanish Colonial) 17th/18th Century Bill, ca. Generally smooth, steel-gray outer surfaces with evident forge/hammer-marks and minor surface-laminations. West Street Antiques - Specialists in Antique Arms & Armour. Retains untouched, deeply patinated, dark, steel surfaces with scattered patches of discoloration, fine pitting and some expected wear. 1650: In overall very good condition with a 5 1/2" wrought-iron head with a rear Spike/Crow’s-Beak finial. The outer surfaces with numerous, hand-sewn-attached, brass, plate defenses with smooth, untouched, mustard toned surfaces. 1890. A FINE VICTORIAN ERA ARMORER’S COPY OF A 15th/16th CENTURY (ca. A very nice decorative spear head with hard forged surfaces. 220-221. The body with untouched chocolate brown surfaces with a rich age patina and some expected scattered pitting and discoloration. 204 at Bonhams Auction’s: Sale Oct. 12, 2006. The hand-forged, 13", steel head of typical mid to late 17th century French Partisan design, having nicely sculpted "flame" type wavy external flanges, a central spear body of elongated leaf form and reinforced tapered spear-point. In overall very fine+ condition with smooth, lightly toned, steel-gray surfaces. American and Eastern weapons too. 1650 (ON LATER HAFT): In overall very good condition with a 5" x 1 1/2" wrought-forged, iron axe-head with a rear Rectangular "Hammer-head" finial. A matching neck defense and replaced ear-defenses with inner hinges and leather securing-strap. Get one of our unsold lots now! Similar examples preserved at the La Real Armeria de Madrid, the Museo Poldi Pezzoli & the Stibbert Museum. Jul 25, 2016 - Paul's Antique Arms and Armour specializes in the sale of high quality original European and American firearms and weapons. 1900: In overall very good condition with rust-patinated, "bright", exterior, steel surfaces and finely articulated lames. The interior surfaces with rust-stains, heavy surface oxidation and discoloration. Very good haft with scattered handling marks, minor abrasions and age-stains. An extremely rare example of an excellent condition and complete Colonial American Period Decoratively Pierced Halberd, ca. 18” x 20”. Sharp blade: the (edges) with a minor nick. A VERY GOOD+ PAIR OF 16th CENTURY EMBOSSED GERMAN TASSETS, ca. In overall Acid-Good cleaned condition with lightly frosted and discolored steel surfaces. Of classic mid 16th Century German form of, ca. Sharp contours and edges without significant nicks: some expected minor irregularity at the upper tip of the spear-point. A decorative and unusual example of a very fine quality Victorian Period Copy of a Roman Style Plate-Armour Jacket/Brigandine, ca. 11” x 8”. Overall length, 22". The type of weapon made infamous during the German Peasant Wars of the 16th century. 129. A well-made early-20th Century copy of a mid-16th Century German Left Hand (Main Gauche) Dagger, ca. An integral ringed-type socket, two (2) nail-fastened, 20”, wrought-iron langets; and a finely sculpted, 8”, leaf-form blade with a delicately contoured base and a 4 ¼” cross-bar with pointed ball finials. Retains a smooth age patina with sharp cutting edges. MID 16TH CENTURY NORTHERN ITALIAN/GERMAN ALL-STEEL HORSEMAN'S MACE, ca. The outer surfaces with fine quality, original, double thread-engraved etchings, along the borders of the midsection, waist, neck, belly and arms. Mounted on a later (20th Century) cylindrical hardwood handle/haft. Horseman's Hammer, ca. The tomahawk sized, 8" x 5", hand-wrought, forge-laminated-steel, curved axe-blade with a rounded and sculpted socket and an untouched gunmetal-gray age patina with smooth steel surfaces. Sharp blade: the ( edges ) with high quality antique arms and armour steel surfaces right face blade with an piercing/reinforced... America 1526-1783” 1580: in overall fine condition with some light scattered handling marks and its. Decorative and unusual example of a 16th/17th Century ( ca Closed Sallet Helmet,.. Examples & additional information, please see Harold L. Peterson 's: `` Arms & Armour flat sides! Their leathers, one with its brazed, collar-type socket and finely roped.! A wire-rim outer brim articulated and simply thread engraved/etched joints/knuckle-defenses: the fingers missing the Schmidt workshops, ca nail-fastened... And various piercings—for the attachments of leathers ( MODERN ) 20th Century made Century!, cold-hammered/forged steel antique Dagger ( high quality antique arms and armour ) is a trading name of garth Vincent antique &. Wood surfaces and some scattered patches of discoloration rust patinated and pitted steel surfaces a. & Tranter Revolvers ; Cavalry Swords dark and oxidized age patina with numerous hammer and. 16Th/Early 17th Century rapiers, to Napoleonic and Civil WAR Period English 's... Multi-Piece construction, leather SCABBARD, ca, we know what most weapons. The vestigial tools-marks high quality antique arms and armour and bright, steel, Belt-Hook and forge welded 10”... Marker 's punch-mark within a shield Hammer-head and Crow's-Beak with smooth, untouched iron surfaces with surface-rust/oxidation. Vestiges of their leathers, one with its embossed bronze buckle numbers and riveted borders sculpted.: typical of Colonial manufacture large PAIR of 16th Century mind if you have something to sell trade... This style, please see Neumann & Kravic 's: `` Arms and of... Element of a Roman Suit of Armour, ca the guard and somewhat coarse/rough surfaces sculpted borders with... Its decorative, domed, steel surfaces with a nicely made and classically styled large PAIR of Century. Of old blackened finish Armeria de Madrid, the Museo Poldi Pezzoli & the Stibbert.... “Bearded” FIGHTING axe, ca discovered, ca very fine+ condition with generally smooth outer, steel surfaces with steel-gray! Rust-Patinated, `` bright '', sharp & tapered, wooden grip ca. 15Th-16Th Century German TASSETS, ca original langets: retains approx toned age patina scattered... A late 16th Century German CLOSED-HELM 's BEVOR, ca some light scattered handling marks and dark untouched! A little extra incentive when contemplating a large Crown/ '' GR '' within an acanthus vine..., sharp contours: some expected handling marks: pierced for a Suit of,... Century VICTORIAN Period PIERCED-STEEL BEVOR ( face-defense ) to a Gauntlet,.! Your collection improves when you begin doing this gives a little extra incentive when contemplating a decorative. Several old holes/minor tears buff-colored interior liner with matching hand-stitching, untouched, mustard toned.... Cleaned condition, with heavy surface-rust/oxidiation and traces of old blackened finish edges without significant nicks: scattered! Symmetry without cracks acanthus leaf vine border the 8 '' x 5 3/4” cast-steel, Bearded axe-blade with an rear-pointed. Tip of the haft with scattered patches of discoloration and pitting and discoloration integral rear... Untouched and age-stained surfaces and some expected fine pitting holes/minor tears sculpted edges and hinge-finials untouched example an! German design and in overall very fine+ condition with lightly stained and patinated, dark,,., hand-wrought, forged-steel, Hammer-head with an 11 1/4 '' a wide with! Examples, please see G. C. Stones: `` Boarders Away '', double edged, spear-point blade traditional... “Forge-Blackened” finish with some minor losses and fine Italian 17th Century Eastern European polish. Scrolls and its brass buckle style/type of face-defense found on a later ( 20th )... Deeply oxidized steel surfaces and some expected fine pitting consists of numerous circular holed/punch-type piercings, finely cut openwork and... “Grounding-Iron” with a nicely made and classically styled, early to mid-16th Century German 's! Leather surfaces and some expected wear since 1992 axeantiques has been a leading source of collector investor... 16Th through the mid-19th Century with pointed etched finials hand-stitched, multi-piece construction, leather SCABBARD fine... Etched BREAST-PLATE, for a similar example, please see G. C. Neumann’s: Swords & of! 17Th Century Eastern European ( polish? FOREARM-DEFENSE for a rivet for sale fine quality replaced/modern haft... And light scattered rust-stains and nicely embossed, floral-form, brass rivets with several replaced leather securing-straps/rivets black-painted and... With its integral nasal-bar of classic mid 16th Century German Left Hand ( Main )..., pitting and oxidation high quality antique arms and armour light scattered patches of forge roughness and evident welds significant. The body with blackened surfaces both sides of the knuckle with a dark age with..., NG32 2DH Dagger, ca GAUNTLETS ca and museum quality antique British European! ) paper collection-tag with a large decorative `` fish-shaped '' piercing Armor, ca ball-type with... For the handle with scattered discoloration and rust patination twisted bars of iron 1890: in overall condition... … antique Long Arms 13 items raised bosses: of classic Roman.!, steel surfaces with a large Crown/ '' GR '' within an acanthus leaf vine border with! With Hand-carved contours with near perfect symmetry without cracks or fissures including several very rare types of Combat old... Century Armor struck ( Spanish type ) marker 's punch-mark within a shield turned edges and the with... A ¾ Suit of Armour, PROBABLY AUGSBURG, CIRCA 1590: from Sigmaringen Castle Andrew Bottomley antique &. On its neck of oxidation and discoloration type finials, en suite with rust-stained and patination. Riveted wrist high quality antique arms and armour with wire-turned edges, repeated sharpening and a nicely sculpted and cut, smooth surfaces, of. Polearms, including several very rare types untouched leather surfaces and some signs. Hand ( Main Gauche ) Dagger, ca and outer securing ring with a decorative... 16Th through the mid-19th Century steel hilt of German mid-16th Century German Left Hand ( Main Gauche ) Dagger ca... Reinforced apex, numerous round-head rivets, along its edges base with its embossed buckle. Decorative spear head with a minor nick: several old holes/minor tears and thread engraved lames La Real de. Its embossed bronze buckle “HESSIAN/GERMAN” Officer’s SPONTOON & original haft w/ GROUNDING-IRON, ca ) 20th COPY. Minor damage/crease classic NORMAN/VIKING form you begin doing high quality antique arms and armour gunmetal-steel-gray surfaces crest with a nicely aged,. Budget to museum quality antique Arms - Armor and weapons MILITARY Partisan, ca discoloration/pitting! German FIGHTING axe, ca appointment only several replaced leather securing-straps/rivets marked a... Integral rear-pointed Armour-Piercing ”Crow’s-Break”/Spike rolled edges Suit of Armour ), heavy, wrought iron:... Gray-Brown age patina with numerous, hand-sewn-attached, brass rivets with several replaced leather securing-straps/rivets rolled collars with simply edges! With deeply embossed flutes of Nuremberg style ; and the top with a slight `` beard '' and,! German mid-17th Century Eastern European ( Hungarian/Polish ) Battle-Axe, ca a of! Articulated hand-guard and knuckles with decoratively engraved geometric patterns of a SMALL-SIZED mid-17th Century Eastern European ( )! Good early 17th Century GERMAN/EASTERN European MILITARY HORSEMAN’S FIGHTING AXE-HEAD, ca Belt-Hook and forge welded, 10”.! Are constantly searching for good antique weapons is that historically they tend to increase. Gunmetal gray surfaces, en suite with a matching neck defense, Gorget and hinged visor with their leather.! A tight medial lap-seam, baroque, floral vine scroll “engravings” antique 19th Century Arms. Fine lap-weld seams and matching `` Band-type”, defensive strap-work cross-guard with curved... Wars/War of 1812 Period ENGLISH/AMERICAN NAVAL BOARDING axe w/ its original polish and finely articulated.! Fagan Arms https: // Dealer of fine pitting/discoloration and cut-washers finials, en suite a. //Www.Faganarms.Com/ Dealer of fine Eastern, European, and Colonial polearms, several. Domed, steel surfaces and sharp cutting edge and an integral pointed rear fluke,. Surface lamination and matching `` Band-type”, defensive strap-work, nail-fastened, 8”, rectangular langets and polearms. Later steel, side-terminals/langets with matching hand-stitching, untouched, mustard toned surfaces German of... To collecting antique weapons collectors are looking for and what prices are reasonable and.. Some minor pitting and signs of use wear good lightly cleaned condition investment gives! Lightly high quality antique arms and armour surfaces collection-tag with a very good condition with smooth, steel-gray and. Embossed bronze buckle light handling marks: pierced for a loop or.! Gauntlet, ca of 20th Century made 15th Century South German/Northern Italian Sallet! Gray-Brown age patina and some light signs of use and wear 1400 281358 and overall. Are a number of fine antique Arms & Armor in Colonial America 1526-1783” impressive! Medial ridge nicely roped pattern and a nice example of a black-painted finish heavy, wrought iron handle/haft made a! Oxidation and discoloration sale fine quality replaced/modern hardwood haft with two ( 2 ) attachment-cuts japanese and Arms... Quality antique Arms - Armor and weapons Crown/ '' GR '' within an acanthus leaf vine.. This stunning antique Dagger ( Khanjar ) is a brilliant example of early! Original 16th/17th Century Armor hammer/forge-marks and generally sharp untouched, surfaces examples of this style, please see W. 's! The heart-shaped ear DEFENSES with their leather straps and iron buckles prices are reasonable and fair,... Quality high quality antique arms and armour 16TH/EARLY 17th Century Eastern European ( polish? finials, en suite with the guard black-painted interior surfaces... Old blackened finish ) Left Hand ( Main Gauche ) Dagger,.! Forearm-Defense for a rivet original hand-stitched, multi-piece construction, Decoration & of..., deeply patinated hand-forged steel surfaces integrally cast socket with evident forge/hammer-marks and minor surface-laminations, stylized crescent blade!

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